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Release Notes:

This is a Beta release of GrandOrgue 0.2 for Windows systems. As such it is still in testing and may contain bugs. We have done our best to make sure that everything is working, but there is no guarantee or warranty that it will. This software is provided as it is, under the GNU Public License v2.

This installation should work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit. For help with using this version of GrandOrgue please visit the Magle Music Forum and post your questions there (

This is the single instance version of GrandOrgue, a multi-instance version of GrandOrgue is available here

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If you do not have an ASIO audio device, the ASIO4ALL driver is recommended for lower latency performance. Get the ASIO4ALL installer from


Download the GrandOrgue Windows installer ZIP file by clicking on the link above. This will take you to my skydrive space where you can click on 'download' to get the file. Then click on the 'back' button to return to this page.


Decompress the ZIP file and then double click on the setup_GrandOrgue_0_2_0_1.exe file. Now follow the installer prompts.


When you first run GrandOrgue you will be presented with the Audio/MIDI configuration screen. Select your MIDI and Audio interface and click on OK. You are now ready to load your .organ file.

If you don't have have a GrandOrgue compatible organ sample set, go to and download the Jeux dorgues 2 for MyOrgan.